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New Year, New Projects which go nowhere

It’s 2022, it’s the year I finally finish my studies and start the world of full time work. So, what do I have of plans this year? First, finish off my thesis, 17 days and that should be done. But once I finally get that sweet taste of freemdom I have no fixed idea.

1 fun project I have had in mind was to build a guitar playing robot. There exists some 3d printed tools which allow for pressing a single plastic button to play a chord. So by designing a more complex version of that it should be somewhat easy to create this guitar building robot.

Next up on my side project / goals list is I want to develop a SaSS solution as a side hustle, what service I would be providing I have no idea, but im sure drunken discussions at bars will lead to something.

Honestly I just wrote this blog post because I need to test some SEO stuff, so yeah you got cheated if you expected the world from this.