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Who am I...

👋 Hi there! My name is William, I’m an IT Security Specialist at TDC NET and a CTF player with Kalmarunionen

💻 Currently would describe myself as Pentester who knows a bit too much about DevSecOps. I also have a broad understanding of GRC and want to learn more about highly technical blue teaming such as malware analysis.

⌨ You can find my current personal tech stack here.

🤝 Can often be found OWASP Copenhagen meetups, BSides Copenhagen meetups, Bornhack or DTU HAX, and of course the occasional CTF!

🧗‍♂️ In my freetime I enjoy climbing and boxing.

👩‍💻 I’ve been programming since I was 13, started off in basic web design, however now I do most of my programming in Golang, Python, Typescript or Java, with a little bit of C sprinkled around here and there for various CTF challenges.

🍻 I’m also a craft beer afficinado, best way to get to know me is over a stout or two!

🐴 You might also know me as HestenettetDK.