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Here on this page I will, in no particular order, be listing various achivements that I am proud of!


  • Bornhack 2022 Talk : Blinkenlights, friend or foe: A history of side channel attacks through the ages What is a side channel attack and how does it differ from a regular attack? Why do people keep on inserting random german words when discussing side channel attacks? And why are these kinds of attacks important and how can I avoid them in my own code? This was defintiely an improvement from last years Bornhack talk and was a great deepdive into the history of TEMPEST.

  • Bornhack 2021 Talk : Start your own ISP: A case study into the series of tubes providing you with cat videos This was the first conference talk I ever gave at the Bornhack 2021 conference, a humourous high level overview of how the internet is structured from the perspective of starting your own ISP, while the content of the talk is not my best work as I was both nervous and had to rush creation of the slides, I am still proud that I got up and held that talk, a great first step!


  • De Danske Cybermesterskaber 2021 & 2022 : Placed in top 10 of the senior category making it to the bootcamp stage.

  • CTF Player on Kalmarunionen : Being a CTF player on a Top 10 worldwide team is definitely something I am going to brag about. Check our LinkedIn for our latest achomplishments.
  • CCTF Vol. 7 finals winner.

Open Source Projects

  • The theme for this site, find it published here
  • CTF Challenge downloader for the Haaukins platform availabile here