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Here on this page I will, in no particular order, be listing various achivements that I am proud of!


  • Bornhack 2021 Talk : Start your own ISP: A case study into the series of tubes providing you with cat videos This was the first conference talk I ever gave at the Bornhack 2021 conference, a humourous high level overview of how the internet is structured from the perspective of starting your own ISP, while the content of the talk is not my best work as I was both nervous and had to rush creation of the slides, I am still proud that I got up and held that talk, a great first step!


  • De Danske Cybermesterskaber 2021 : I achieved a 7th place in the national danish cybersecurity championship, almost getting me a place on the national team, I’m aiming to get onto the team in 2022!

  • CTF Player on Kalmarunionen : Being a CTF player on a Top 10 worldwide team is definitely something I am going to brag about, recent (at time of writing) acomplishments of the team include, Google CTF Hackceler8 participant, 3rd place in ASIS CTF Quals, 4th place Hack.lu CTF 2021, 6th place pbctf 2021.

  • CCTF Vol. 7 finals winner.

Open Source Projects

  • The theme for this site, find it published here
  • CTF Challenge downloader for the Haaukins platform availabile here