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  • Windows 10 Developer VMs links -
  • Just to save people from fustration, microsoft still host the developer VMs for previous versions of windows. If you like me suddenly need a windows 10 version of the developer VM one can go to the <a href="https://web.archive.org/web/20220000000000*...

  • New Year, New Projects which go nowhere -
  • It’s 2022, it’s the year I finally finish my studies and start the world of full time work. So, what do I have of plans this year? First, finish off my thesis, 17 days and that should be done. But once I finally get that sweet taste of freemdom I ha...

  • Digital Ocean Kubernetes Challenge : Setting up crossplane on a DO Managed kubernetes instance -
  • This blog post is part of the Digital Ocean Kubernetes Challenge and about how to setup the still in development <a href="https://github.com/crossplane-contrib/provider-d...

  • What in the world is my thesis even about? -
  • Before you even begin reading this and wondering what in the world is this guy rambling on about you need to keep in mind, this entire thesis idea came from the fact that I wanted an excuse to build a raspberry pi cluster, and it was just about f...

  • Personal Tech Stack -
  • Web

    • Domain name and DNS via namecheap
    • Website hosting via Github Pages
    • Email hosting via Migadu
  • Hello World! -
  • Welcome to my little corner of the internet, there currently isn’t much here right now but here will be soon, be on the lookout for things to come! While you are here, why not spend 2 minutes fixing your posture, clearing your mind, taking nice deep ...