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William Ben Embarek


MSc, Computer Science; Denmarks Technical University

MSc Thesis title: Memory optimization in Kubernetes virtual clusters

Course focus on cybersecurity, ethical hacking, cryptography, IoT

BSc, Network Technologies and IT; Denmarks Technical University

BSc Thesis Title: A Blockchain-Based Approach to Distributed LoRa Message Passing

Course focus on networking, telecommunications and cybersecurity

International Baccalaureate; International School of Geneva


IT Security Specialist - TDC Net : 2023-Present

Part of the Security Testing and Research (STR) team. Focused on performing inhouse testing of all IT infrastructure, focusing on mobile infrastrcture as well as application security.

Security Specialist - WithSecure : 2022-2023

Security consultant responsible for performing and delivering a wide variety of application security assessments for clients in various industries, including Application Security, Network Security, and Red Teaming Exercises. For application security, I conducted assessments on websites, mobile applications, desktop applications, IBM z/OS CICS applications, and code reviews. I also participated in the sales process by scoping projects and led initiatives for participating in marketing opportunities with the danish cyber security community and university outreach. As well as was responsible for mentoring new employees while my manager was on paternity leave.

Student Application Security Engineer - Tradeshift : 2020-2022

Student Engineer in the Application Security Team ensuring a high security maturity level within the organization, tasks include: Bug Bounty triage, development of security related monitoring and alerting, pull request review for product teams, log review, developer training, auditing and development on internal tooling fx: custom static code analysis rules and tooling, internal portals.

Student Emerging Technologies Developer - Tradeshift: 2019-2020

Developed infrastructure to manage internal short term projects on AWS. Developed Solidity smart contracts for use across different projects. Developed Hyperledger Chain-code for supply chain tracing. Initiated my own projects in regards to optimization of internal customer data practices using global ISO standards, which was also used to lay the ground work for several different products.

Student Developer - Tradeshift: 2018-2019

Developed services for automation of management of system access, team memberships in a large engineering organization. As well as automating certain QA processes. Developed services for managing collection of information and announcing releases. Developed services for metrics collection for service health. Evangelize usage of certain monitoring or QA tools. Communicated to and taking in feedback from many development teams across the globe, for prioritization purposes. Worked directly with the engineering leadership.

Chairman of The Board - K-Net : 2017-2021

Chairman roles included budget management, group organizational, primary legal contact for external parties, project management of operations group.

Volunteer Network Administrator - Nybrogaard Kollegiet : 2016-2020

Network and website administration, development of new features on the nybro.dk website. Deployment of network monitoring systems. Deployment of new Wifi Solution to support 500+ concurrent users

Sysadmin / Devops - Appstract 2017-2018

Took SME consulting company from basically having little to no IT Infrastructure to having a gigabit network, proper wireless coverage, local and Azure AD, Proper Development server infrastructure, creation of secure GPO policies.

Technical Experience

CTF Player : Kalmar unionen
CTF Player on a top 10 worldwide CTF Team.
  • Personally focus on : Web, Forensics, Crypto, Misc.
  • Notable team achievements include Defcon CTF Finals under nordic coalition Norsecode, Google CTF Hackceler8 2021 participants, ASIS CTF Finalist.
Programming Languages I’m comfortable working in
Golang: Primary language used for personal development!

Java: You don’t really get around not knowing Java. Experience working with (in no particular order): Maven, Spring Boot, Java EE, Grails

Python: For all the automation needs, or for when you just need to hack something together.

Javascript/Typescript: Know enough to expand on some web project given to me, don’t have enough hands on experience to feel comfortable starting new projects from scratch.

Bash I know how to use grep sed and awk

Basic Knowledge of C, x86 assembly, C#, Powershell


  • Human Languages:

    • English - Fluent
    • Danish - Fluent
    • French - High level spoken
    • Madarin - Low level, need to start duolingo again
  • Interests

    • Breakfast